Vattenfall has decided to take a strategic review of InCharge, its electric vehicle business in the UK. With this in mind, Vattenfall’s current electric vehicle charging points in the UK have been acquired by Gronn Kontakt, Statkraft’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, who will manage, operate and maintain the charge points and continue to power them with 100% renewable energy.


Vattenfall has invested over £3.5bn in UK renewable generation and will continue to invest in developing its core UK renewable power generation, heating, B2B sales and distribution businesses.


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Charge Tags and Charge Cards 

Vattenfall InCharge is leaving its charging operations in the UK market, and transferring them to Gronn Kontakt, owned by Statkraft AS, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. 

As of 14th September 2020 your InCharge card or tag and the InCharge App will no longer continue to operate. To access the Gronn Kontakt charging network please visit their website  or contact them on 020 3884 2768




Canterbury City Council and South Norfolk Council charge points

During April 2020, Vattenfall Incharge will no longer act as the Charge Point Operator (CPO) for the following networks – Canterbury City Council and South Norfolk Council. The CPO will transfer to another operator; EV Dot.


The timeline of the transfer will be:

Canterbury –   31st March 2020

South Norfolk –   15th April 2020


After these dates, the InCharge mobile app will no longer continue to operate the charging points in these areas. To access The EV Dot charging network, register on the following link: The ClenergyEV app can be downloaded from either the Apple or Android stores. To find out more about EV-Dot please contact the helpdesk number: 03330 129095 or email: